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Upgrade Season - 15% on EVERYTHING! Code: Levelup

Upgrade Season
15% on EVERYTHING! Code: Levelup

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Design = Ergonomic + Functional


Minimalist design for absolute focus


Futuristic design for an absolutely clean gaming setup


Enormous dimensional stability and high load capacity

VOID 3D fibre foil in carbon black style
Dimension 140 x 70 x 1.8 cm 160 x 80 x 2,5 cm 180 x 80 x 2,5 cm
Weight 17 kg 26 kg 31.5 kg
Warranty 5 years on the core material 2 years on electrical components

We offer you a comprehensive service!

Satisfied customers are our top priority. Comprehensive service, direct contacts and extended warranty conditions are a matter of course for us.

Money-back promise

We are convinced of our products! That's why we guarantee you an unconditional money-back guarantee for 4 weeks!

The Ultimate Setup Guarantee

Ultimate Setup means quality - even in the details. We guarantee you up to 5 years warranty on our product parts.*

100% secure payment!

Our payment system is PCI-DSS certified and therefore meets the highest security standards. Pay online: secure & convenient!

Free home service

Your Ultimate Setup order comes directly to your home. Conveniently and securely. Free of charge in Germany.

Personal support: telephone, chat, email

Do you have any questions? We're here for you! Personally and on all channels. Click here! We look forward to seeing you.

Free, easy returns

You can place your order within Return free within 30 days. We'll take care of the postage for you.

Easily configure your desired setup

With the desk configurator you can easily configure your electrically height-adjustable Ultimate Setup desk including all accessory products.







An investment that pays off!

When first tested, the table makes a very stable and high-quality impression, which is also confirmed after longer use. This applies to the solid tabletop and the table legs as well as to the height adjustment mechanism.

Our choice!

We use the Ultimate Setup tables because each employee can set his or her favourite position, the tables are incredibly stable and the arms do not hurt even after many hours of work.

We really liked it very much!

We really liked the Ultimate Setup gaming table. The table itself looks good, is enormously solid, stands stably and feels high-quality. Overall, the design of the table clearly stands out from other gaming desks.

Insanely high quality workmanship!

The gaming table from Ultimate Setup was convincing all along the line in the test! It also impressed with its stable stand and relatively simple assembly. Not cheap, but worth every penny. There is nothing better in this price range.

An absolute must!

An absolute must for gamers, designers or for the home office. The Ultimate Setup Gaming Table is definitely one of the highest quality and best height-adjustable gaming tables on the market, standing out from the rest with its versatile features. High praise - the competition could take a leaf out of their book!

Everything is perfectly coordinated!

Assembling the gaming table is quick and easy thanks to the pre-drilled holes. All individual parts are perfectly coordinated, which makes the desk very stable. In addition, there are many practical features, such as the recess for cable management, the flattened front, the cable tray and the drink and headset holders.

A superior quality!

The Ultimate Setup gaming table convinces with its outstanding quality. The manufacturer's ambitions and demands on its own product can be felt at every corner and edge.

Flawless functionality!

All in all, a full recommendation: the easy assembly, the extensive range of accessories, the look and, last but not least, the flawless functionality are simply right. When working in the home office and also when gaming after work, the table offers great comfort.

Absolutely convinced!

In the overall package, Ultimate Setup absolutely convinced me. Starting with the problem-free delivery, the versatile equipment, the smooth assembly and a really great product in the end. A very clear buy recommendation!

Flawless premium table

You can tell that the manufacturer of the Ultimate Setup Gaming Table consulted extensively with experienced e-gamers before production and took their wishes seriously. The result is a flawless premium table that convinces with its unique design and many sophisticated functions.

All-round carefree package

The gaming table offers an all-round carefree package for every gamer: It has everything a gamer needs and is particularly stable. The high quality ensures solid stability!

Comfortable cable tray with many accessories

If you want to keep your desk tidy, I can recommend this cable tray. It is very easy to install and even easier to fill. In addition to a large power strip with cables, I also stored two external hard drives. The Ultimate Setup cable tray comes with plenty of accessories.

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Add-ons and accessories

The Ultimate Setup Add-ons are the perfect addition to your gaming table. Useful gadgets that allow you to get rid of your cable clutter and store your drink and headset safely and have them conveniently within reach.
  • Smart additional benefits for your gaming setup
  • High-quality metal material mix with powder coating

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Why an electrically height-adjustable
Use a gaming table? 

The height-adjustable gaming desk: For ultimate comfort

Height-adjustable gaming desk: ergonomics and flexibility

Technology and design: a perfect symbiosis

A unique investment in comfort and performance

The height-adjustable gaming desk: For ultimate comfort
As a passionate gamer, the gaming desk is not just a piece of furniture, it is the heart of your setup. It is important that the desk meets your personal requirements. A height-adjustable gaming desk offers a significant advantage: comfort. You can adjust the height so that it optimally matches your body size and sitting position. This prevents back and neck pain and allows you to enjoy long but pleasant gaming sessions.
Height-adjustable gaming desk: ergonomics and flexibility
Ergonomics at the desk is indispensable if you value your health. Not only when working, but also when gaming. A height-adjustable gaming desk prevents physical complaints such as tension, headaches, fatigue and poor posture. It can be individually adjusted to your height and your perfect sitting and standing position. This is easy on your back and allows for a more natural posture when gaming. In addition, the flexibility of the height-adjustable desk allows you to switch quickly and easily between sitting and standing positions, which has a positive effect on your body and concentration.
Technology and design: a perfect symbiosis
In addition to its ergonomic advantages, a height-adjustable gaming desk also offers a host of technological features. Integrated cable management systems ensure a clean setup. This increases the focus when working and gaming and prevents cable chaos. Headset holders and cup holders organise the setup and create order. But it's not only the functions that count, the design also plays a major role. Modern, minimalist or fancy - when choosing a height-adjustable gaming desk, there are hardly any limits to personal preferences. The only important thing is that the design of the desk also supports ergonomics and functionality.
A unique investment in comfort and performance
A height-adjustable gaming desk is much more than just a piece of furniture. It is an investment in yourself, in your health. Thanks to its flexibility and ergonomics, it promotes a healthy posture and comfortable changes between sitting and standing. This increases your performance, promotes blood circulation, counteracts tension and headaches and ensures more focus when gaming and working. With us, you can individually configure your height-adjustable gaming desk. Whether a gaming desk in white or black, minimalist or futuristic design, the right size and additional gadgets: You'll find everything you need here.
As a passionate gamer, the gaming desk is not just a piece of furniture, it is the heart of your setup. It is important that the desk meets your personal requirements. A height-adjustable gaming desk offers a significant advantage: comfort. You can adjust the height so that it optimally matches your body size and sitting position. This prevents back and neck pain and allows you to enjoy long but pleasant gaming sessions.

Why use a desk configurator? 

Desk configurator: individual gaming desks according to your ideas

A gaming desk is much more than just a piece of furniture. Every day, we sit at our desks to gamble or work - often for hour-long sessions. Nevertheless, hardly anyone really thinks about whether the gaming desk actually suits them. The ideal gaming desk should correspond to individual preferences. Above all, it should be ergonomic, comfortable and flexible. This is exactly where the Desk configurator into play. With this tool, you can compose your gaming desk according to your wishes and requirements: Colour, design, size, Cable management, Accessories and gadgets. With a few clicks to the perfect setup.

Individuality and flexibility: configure Your own gaming desk

With a Desk configurator you have the possibility to configure your gaming desk individually. From the size, design and colour to additional features such as the Cable management system or Gadgets. Everything can be put together individually. The result is a gaming desk that is perfectly adapted to your needs.

Easy to use: your personal gaming desk with just a few clicks

Using the desk configurator is simple and intuitive. You select the desired features and functions and see live what your desk will look like. You can click on different variants and designs, look at different combinations and variations or add additional features and gadgets before making a decision. In addition, the desk configurator makes it easy to compare different setups.

Quality and durability: a gaming desk that delivers what it promises

A personally generated gaming desk from the Configurator is a custom-fit product without compromise. You can choose from different designs, table surfaces, sizes, gadgets and accessories such as cable trays and mouse pads. In the end, you will have a gaming desk in your home that corresponds exactly to your ideas and wishes. A desk that not only looks good, but also has quality and withstands your daily challenges.

The desk configurator: shop for your individual gaming desk conveniently online

With a Desk configurator you can order your individual gaming table from the comfort of your own home. Because honestly? Who wants to drive into a crowded city centre just to look at one or two desks displayed in a shop window? With the Desk configurator you have the choice. You can view different versions and models from the comfort of your couch. After a few clicks, your individually configured gaming desk will be delivered to your home. And if you change your mind, you can simply send the desk back free of charge.
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